Pump Set B1 Battery (Polypropylene)


For thin-bodied fluids

Such as battery acid, ammonia water, photographic
developer/-fixer, glycols, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric
acid and hydrogen peroxide.

For removing small quantities from hobbocks, canisters
and drums.

Motor B1 Battery,
70 Watt internally ventilated

Delivery rate
Delivery head
(m wc)
1.3 200 20 6

Max. temperature of medium 40 °C
Specified values are maximum values determined with water at 20°C, measured directly at the pressure joint. Viscosity determined with oil.


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Additional information

Pump Set B1 Battery

Pump B1 + Battery Only PP 25-L SL, Pump Set + B1 Battery PP 25-L SL, Pump Set + B1 Battery 25-L SL With Flow Meter TR90-PP

Immersion Depth

500 mm, 700 mm, 1000 mm

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