Projects and Applications


Tank Farm

Tank farm fitted with sensors relaying volume in each tank to a control room. Control panel warns of low volume (re-ordering) and high level alarm (over fill).

Bunded Steel Tank

Bunded steel tank for fuel storage and dispensing. Tanks fully comply with road transport and site storage regulations.

Shallow Well Pump

Shallow well pump system with pressure vessel and electronic controls. Suitable for Agricultural use (stock feeding, irrigation) or domestic supply. Multiple tanks suitable for group housing schemes.

Windmill Pump

Windmill pumps operating on Co Co Landfill Site to transfer leachate to biotreatment plant.

Fuel Transfer System

Fuel Transfer System for up to 50 individual users.

Access to filling nozzle is computer controlled via an individualised magnetic key. Access data is logged and transferred to management database where software monitors and records every transaction.

Mobile Stainless Steel Hygienic Vessel

Mobile stainless steel hygienic vessel. Allows product(s) to be prepared in one part of the factory and re-located to a point-of-use for further processing.

Aggressive Chemical Handling

All plastic system for handling aggressive chemicals. Items include tanks, pipework, valves, filter and pump. Electronic sensors are included for monitoring purposes.

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Packaged Sewer Waste Management Station

Applications include sewerage, waste water, rain water capture.

Pharmaceutical Charging Room

Chemicals (200L drums) are placed on floor scales (left foreground). The appropriate drum pump is taken from its holster and inserted into drum. The correct valve sequence is selected to direct the liquid to the reaction vessel. Chemical is pumped into the reaction vessel by a ‘loss in weight’ method (fully automated).

Specialty Valves – Diverter Valve

Controls the flow of wood chips and bonding glues in the production of wood veneers. The mixture must flow continuously through the pipework. If a pipeline alarm occurs, the valve automatically diverts the mixture to a recovery tank until the alarm is corrected.

Pre-Insulated Pipe Work For Underground Fluid Transfer

Pre-insulated pipes for underground fluid transfer ( hot or chilled liquids) leak detection sensors can be fitted.

Hydraulic Dredging Pump

Hydraulically operated dredging pump for dredging mud from rivers, lakes, estuaries.

Aircraft Component Test Rig

Test Rigs for testing Aircraft Components, Dublin Airport

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